What waste we buy?

Customers with recyclable materials offer very favorable conditions for the sale and service of waste from across the country. We buy:

plastics (PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PA) m.in foil, bottles, barrels, grinds, agglomerates, dyes, overspray production, defective products or semi-finished products, residues of punches, scrap production.
paper and cardboard, among others, cartons, newspapers, solid board, protectors, thimble.
wood, among others, whole or broken pallets, wooden supporting structures, wood chips, furniture containing up to 3% of the felt, stumps from soil.
metals, among others, scrap after depreciation, structural elements, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, brass.

How much it costs?

Fluctuation in prices and buying issues of waste depends on their condition, density, transportation costs prevents the presentation of pricing, buying waste. The rates for recyclable materials are presented after taking into account information about the type of raw material, available quantity, purity (presence of any foreign particles fraction) and the weight of the waste hopper. The general rule is that the higher the weight of the waste hopper favorable financial conditions, we can offer the customer. Transport of waste is determined individually, depending on the needs and possibilities. We containers with a capacity 5,7,8,10,20, 32 m3 and truck tractors with a capacity of 80 m3. For reception of metal scrap and wood waste are dedicated vehicles Self. We provide fast reception, attractive payment terms, waste transfer card, and optionally the DPO and the DPR.